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Imagine an app that alerts you to the trendiest restaurants and bars, immediately connects you to unique brand’s tastings, and has all your friends asking you “Why didn’t I know about that?” With the Airtab app, your bar life and social experiences will turn from mundane to magnificent, for free!

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Attention all Cocktail Culture Connoisseurs

Airtab makes sure you never miss top-notch experiences in your hometown or on the go. (You do look for the hottest bar in town when you travel, don’t you?).

Raise your Spirits!


Before even arriving at a restaurant or bar, Airtab shows you who is Here-Now-LiveTM. Airtab gives you that extra leverage to make an introduction or avoid the doomed, “Hey, haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”


Discover free tastings and exclusive discounts at local trending restaurants, bars, and liquor stores. Impress your friends with new knowledge of brand history, flavor notes, and recipes from the provided spirit profiles.


The most creative (and photogenic) cocktails in town are meant to be enjoyed with friends. On Airtab, you are able to post about top-notch experiences and inspire followers to get out and share delicious drinks with their friends. Follow brands, establishments, and users to keep up with local social events.

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