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Introducing the social networking mobile app that connects trending bars and their customers. Enjoy complimentary drinks, attend live music events, and engage with other users via messaging, photos, and posts. Download Airtab® today!

Do you know the hottest bars in town?

Airtab® ensures that you never miss trending experiences and events in your hometown or when you are on the go.


Find friends, make new ones. Our Here-Now-Live™ feature lets you see in real time who is checking into different restaurants and bars in your city. Create the scene you want every time you go out.


Discover the best cocktails at the trendiest bars. Enjoy complimentary drinks on Airtab®.


Discover a creative and photogenic cocktail? Share it with your friends! Post about your experience in the app so other users know what bars to visit and which drinks they should order.


Our affiliates share the Airtab® experience while earning revenue for themselves. Apply today!

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As a restaurant owner, Airtab lets me see who is actually here in our bar in real time, brilliant.
Jupiter, Florida