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Airtab® is a leading media-technology company that caters to the restaurant industry nationwide. Our social networking app drives traffic to your location and provides you detailed insight and reporting on those customers.

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Increase new traffic and customers



Bump in unique monthly visits to site


Average additional followers on social



Increase in store revenue after promo

Brand awareness

Airtab® makes it easy for you to capture users’ attention. Post about drink specials and recipes and show users what makes your brand special.

Gain insight

Airtab®’s innovative data and analytics serves as a threshold to gain valuable information on users such as consumer age, gender, preferences and much more behavioral data.

Connect better

Let Airtab® users know about current specials and popular drink recipes. Create a fan base and let users know where to buy your brand off premise.

Increase revenue

Our equation for this is simple: more people = more money. Ensure great customer experiences and watch your numbers grow.

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