Dennis Cunningham


Dennis cunningham, ceo + founder

Dennis Cunningham has been innovating industry for over 30 years. He brings his endless entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic creative approach to the Team. Combining a varied set of business acumen to streamline processes, his drive for success benefits both the customer and the bottom line. 

He began his career in Silicon Valley, which shaped his unique vision and continues to inspire his thinking “outside of the box” when it comes to leading Airtab into the future. 

His accomplishments in the concert promotion business and dozens of other ventures, crossover platform experience aiding in the value of the brand. Mr. Cunningham transcended his proven skill set to effectively launch an array of successful ventures such as Equity Funding Mortgage Corporation, which funded an excess of $2 billion in sales. He serves as current President and Chief Executive Officer of Perfect Brands, Perfect Vodka® and Airtab®, which he founded.