+ What is Airtab?

Airtab is a social engagement platform that brings people together to experience the best bars, liquor brands and live events. Through curated lifestyle happenings, you can discover the best of what's near you and discover emerging and trending liquor brands.

+ What's the catch?

We know, it's hard to believe, but there is no catch. We work with liquor brand partners to sponsor events and reward drinks. There are currently no subscription fees for users, and we do not support advertisement in Airtab.

+ How Do I get started?

To fully enjoy the benefits of Airtab, you first need to create your profile. After signing in, complete basic information such as your name, location and profile image. Once your profile is finished, you will be able to enjoy reward drinks, add friends, and use the messaging features.

+ I don't see any events near me.

We know, waiting is never fun. We are building the most comprehensive app ever, and that takes time ;) If you have a suggestion for a bar or restaurant that you'd love to see in Airtab, fill out the form here and we will reach out personally.

+ How do I redeem my reward drinks?

Enjoying drinks that are stored in your Drink Locker is easy. When drinks are available, you will be prompted by a green button in the bottom your screen. When you press the button, you will be presented with the available options in your Drink Locker. Select your drink, and place your order with the bartender. At the time of your order, show the bartender the screen with your selection (it will be animated with bubbles). The bartender 'redeems' your drink by pressing the picture of their face that appears at the bottom of the screen.

+ Can I redeem drinks from more than one restaurant in a night?

The short answer: no. Airtab allows users to enjoy up to 2 complimentary drinks per day, at a single location. You will not be able to check in to a second Airtab location and redeem additional drinks.

+ How long do I have to wait between drinks?

The is a 45-minute time built in to the Airtab experience. As soon as you redeem your first drink, the timer will start and you will be able to redeem your 2nd drink after the timer is up.



+ I'm a blogger/writer/influencer. how do i contribute to Airtab?

If you are a food writer, blogger, critic, influencer etc and would like to contibute your work to Airtab, simply email and we will work with you on publishing your content in app. This will also upgrade your account to "Influencer," which will promote your content on Airtab.

+ How do I get my liquor brand into airtab?

Airtab is the most effective way to get new customers to experience your brand through events and tastings. If you would like to establish a brand partnership, please email

+ My bar is perfect for Airtab, how do I get on the platform?

We would love to discuss the benefits of being an official Airtab location with you. Please email or call 877-217-8705.

Technical issues / troubleshooting

+ I'm not getting checked-in automatically.

Beneath the map on a venue's page, you will find a "Check In Now" button. Simply press, and you will be checked in. Please note, manual Check In's are only allowed at actual location.

+ There is no Wifi. Will Airtab still work?

Airtab requires a data connection, either Wifi or cellular. If there is no connection, you will not be able to redeem Airtab offers.

+ I forgot my password!

You will see a RESET button near login info. You can easily reset your password.

+ Other issues?

Email us at



+ Can people see my current location?

People can see when you are checked in at an Airtab location for the duration of your stay. Otherwise, Airtab does not track or record your location information.

+ Can I change my visibilty?

Future updates will allow you to set visibility to Yourself, Just Your Friends, or Restaurant Staff only.

+ What does Airtab do with my information?

All personal data is transmitted securely using encryption and is never sold to third party entities.

+ How can i report abuse?

Select the profile of the person you wish to report, and tap the MORE button (3 dots). Select Report this User and submit for review.