How to Craft a Mint Julep

30 Apr , 2018 Cocktails

How to Craft a Mint Julep

It’s Derby Time!


It’s said that more than 120,000 mint juleps will be consumed at Churchill Downs this coming weekend during the Kentucky Derby. Consisting primarily of bourbon, water, crushed mint, and shaved ice, the mint julep as we now know it became the official drink of the Kentucky Derby back in 1938. So while you might need to make decisions on what horse to pick or which hat to wear, just know that your cocktail choice has already been made for you. You are so welcome!



Bourbon Whiskey



2 oz Bourbon Whiskey

¼ oz simple syrup

Fresh mint

Finely crushed (or shaved) ice



Place 10-20 fresh mint leaves in a dry, pre-chilled metal cup. Lightly muddle the leaves. Add the bourbon and simple syrup and mix well. Fill the cup with crushed ice and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. Sit back and enjoy!

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