How to Craft an Old Fashioned

9 Apr , 2018 Cocktails

How to Craft an Old Fashioned

Classic. Bold. Original.


The old fashioned will always be in fashion – it’s just timeless that way. There’s a reason it’s still here since the early 1800’s… when something is done right it sticks.


Highlighting the spirit, this cocktail starts off with a strong whiskey kick, which then mellows out as the ice melts, allowing for the sweeter notes to shine through. So pick your favorite whiskey for this one because you’re going to get to savor and enjoy every last drop of it.






1-½ oz Whiskey

1 sugar cube

2 dashes bitters (recommended Angostura bitters)

Few dashes water



Place sugar cube in your Old Fashioned glass and saturate with the bitters. Add a splash of water, then muddle until sugar is dissolved. Fill glass with ice and top with whiskey. Give it a stir then garnish with fresh orange peel and a cherry. Lastly, sit back and enjoy!



“Don’t call me Old Fashioned…. just pour one for me!”

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